The Voice beckons us into the wilderness that we may prepare the way for our God.

Let us, then, step aside from the hustle and bustle, the noise, the clutter,
and give ourselves the time to think upon our God and His ways,
and build a relationship with Him.

The Voice

Regular thought-pieces and articles to help build our relationship with God.

Hid Treasure

A repository of resources for your use and spiritual benefit.


Publications, apps, and more for your spiritual edification

New from Wilderness Voice

Kingdom Vision Project 2020

Book now available.

A collection of personal visions about the Kingdom of God.
Written descriptions, poems, thoughts, drawings and paintings by young and old.

A digital version (PDF) is now available.

Christadelphian Classics
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The latest Classics podcast…

Nazareth RevisitedNazareth Revisited

by Robert Roberts

What a valuable book Nazareth Revisited has been! Closely following the biblical record, it is at once exposition, exhortation, and commentary on the life and works of Jesus Christ. 

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Wonder of Forgiveness ebook available
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